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CPI Security – Best Systems to Safe Your Home

The issue of smart houses is growing daily as the spreading of digital technologies allows providing additional possibilities to their users. The market of complex house protection and services is fulfilling with both new manufacturers of hardware systems and software developers to make more comfort for lower prices. Even though it is hard to define the best systems to save your house, CPI security is a representation of a reliable player on the smart security market.

Systems that serve

As the discussed issue is home security, most people prefer reviewing the available sensors and devices that deal with potential danger. Currently, smart systems not only rely on cameras and visual information as a digital source, but many different systems are also now available for home usage and not only for huge firms or manufacturing facilities. Among the most often used are:

  • Detection of glass breaking. The specific sensor is not an innovative one, but now it has a lower price and can be used not only for the protection of secret or important objects only. Those who have a detached house will agree that such an option can create an additional level of security and should be used.
  • Door and window sensors. This feature is useful both while the house is armed or not. If the whole regime is protection, such a sensor will send a notification that someone opened the door or window. However, even if the apartments aren’t locked, it will show where inattentive users forget to make a final push.
  • Water sensor. Usually, this sensor is installed at the lowest point of the house where the water can be found. The multifunctionality of this device is astonishing as it can activate concrete warnings or even shut off the water supply if there is an electronic device for such purpose. However, all the related aspects can be adjusted for the most comfort.
  • Medical pendant. This device will be especially useful for those who have older people in their houses. Pushing one button is always simpler than finding a mobile phone, it’s unlocking, and making the right call. One move can make even two actions: send a notification to the owner of the house and give a signal to medical service.
  • Fire safety. CPI Security provides it with a multifunctional sensor that can detect overheating, fire, and carbon monoxide. The last item is especially dangerous as it cannot always be felt by human sensors and cause unfortunate outcomes even without fire. Also, detection of overheating is a needed stage as can send the notification that something went wrong before the flame arise.
  • Video-based systems. That is the most developed aspect of most security services as it provides visual confirmation of potential danger. Thus, outdoors and indoors cameras now can work in complete darkness via infrared features. Also, specific cameras are already upgraded to object recognition, and CPI Security offers to define people, animals, and vehicles for better control.

Support Center

Among the most important elements of such smart firms is their support, which not only about the help with settings and QA centers. Many companies provider a much wider range of functions that can be useful. For instance, CPI Security provides a human-controlled service that pays bigger attention to armed houses and possible dangers that can come from there. Thus, even if you lost a notification due to job issues or problems with the internet, CPI center will quickly define the problem and call the needed emergency service.


Even though the market of security services on a digital basis is wide, CPI Security is among the leaders as presents numerous features that are available for house protection. Multi-device notifications, progressive sensors and devices, and 24/7 online support are a reliable basis to look at the company closer and review their prices at least.

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