Cybersecurity is the primary advantage to consider before opting for a Data room provider

As the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, an important data protection issue arises. This article will consider how Virtual Data Room helps to keep your data safe.

The problem of information protection in Data Room

To fully meet the needs of modern society, there is a need for information support of all spheres of human activity and, in particular, reliable protection of information in Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs). This problem is especially acute in connection with mass computerization, the integration of computers into computer networks, and the use of the Internet.

Information protection is a set of methods and tools that ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of information under the influence of threats of natural or artificial nature, the implementation of which may harm the owners and users of information. Information integrity is an important aspect of information security, which ensures the prevention of unauthorized changes and destruction of information.

Integrity is the state of a data or computer system in which data and programs are used in an established manner that ensures: stable operation of the system; automatic recovery in case the system detects a potential error; automatic use of alternative components instead of failed ones.

The components of information security in data room service include: 

  • Confidentiality is a property of information that certain data cannot be obtained by an unauthorized user; 
  • Integrity means the impossibility of modification unauthorized users;
  • Availability – the property of information to be received by an authorized user, if he has the appropriate authority, at the time necessary for him.

The main aspects of Data security

Although the use of the public cloud is associated with significant financial benefits, it, like any infrastructure, has its own list of threats. For several years, we have seen an increase in the frequency of attacks on Data Room providers and the variety of malware used for this purpose.

The penetration of virtualization platforms has reached a level where almost all companies that use these systems have taken seriously the issues of strengthening security in them.

Cybercriminals can forge or generate data and send it to a system where it will be stored along with real data. They can make a profit by infiltrating companies’ servers and damaging databases in the process.

It is necessary to create your own set of security tools – you need to treat the cloud as a business network. You need to implement a comprehensive security strategy that covers all areas of your responsibility. For this you can use the following tools:

  • IP spreadsheets;
  • web application firewalls;
  • antivirus;
  • intrusion detection; 
  • encryption;
  • log management.

Data Room a leader among security solutions

Electronic Data Room is a collection of servers located on a single site to improve efficiency and security. Datacenter security is the network and physical protection, as well as fault tolerance and reliable power supply.

Cloud servers and on-premises servers use the same operating systems and applications. For virtual systems, the risk of remote hacking or malware infection is high. Thus, the basis of the VDR structure is data encryption, which is a security method in which information is encrypted and can only be recovered or decrypted by a user with the correct decryption key.

Encryption keys are designed to be completely unique, using a set of different algorithms. The encryption key is used to encode or decode the data.

Another option is the enterprise firewall that is the main component for the implementation of IT security policy and delineation of network segments, unable to affect servers hosted in virtual environments.

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