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“Hackforums” – the Biggest Cybercrime Empire

The development of goods is a rather complicated process that invisibly touches numerous related spheres. The spreading of the digital world and networking led to numerous improvements, especially in terms of communication and knowledge accessibility, which in turn led to the growth of numerous other fields of human activity and being. However, the appearance of every product is usually accompanied by some drawbacks, side effects, and unfortunate results during the process, and the digital sphere is not an exclusion.

Hacker forums as an inevitable part of networking

As one of the most common aspects of the digital world is the fast transmitting of information and knowledge, numerous forums appeared with the internet spreading. Firstly, they were dedicated to useful topics and had a desire to improve some digital processes. However, human nature made a logical step towards marketing and economic benefits and started to transform internet enthusiasts into commercial leaders. Nevertheless, a lot of people remember times when many software was free, and everyone could participate in the world of increasing joy. As everyone knows, the transition from free to paid product is a tough one, and people cannot make it in a moment.

Meanwhile, let’s stop the further development of the conversation until it outgrows into the philosophical battle between idealists and cynics. There are a lot of places where hackers meet each other and spread some information that can damage, and everyone has to put up with it. In the list of most dangerous digital places, Hackforums.net is the biggest cybercrime empire in the world.

Why is Hackforums dangerous?

This website is the platform for sharing valuable information that is directed on the circumventing of rules and laws that are generally perceived by people. While copyright exists for centuries and recognized all over the world, some people do not want to perceive it and try to take data without any costs. It can vary from downloading some media content like film or soundtrack, and up to stealing banking data or governmental secrets.

To achieve such success, hackers share “useful” tips on how to steal some private information. It could be:

  • specific software (malware, add-ons, viruses, applications)
  • insecure networks
  • fishing (smishing, hidden observations)

All those methods are using some insecure point in the digital system, which can be turned into the valuable one for spies.

Is it a problem to close Hackforums?

The most developed internet hackers prefer Hackforums as it one of the oldest and most reliable sites to share “useful” information. During years of the regarded digital place existence, there were numerous tries of FBI and other governmental institutions to close the website as dangerous for society. However, there is a lack of legal preconditions to accomplish this task as it violates freedom to some extent. Moreover, even though the owner of Hackforums is known, no one can prove that sharing information on his site is his direct guilt.

To understand the scales of the problem, until recently, Hackforums contained official advertisement that they can provide a massive DDOS attack on the needed server for some fee. They explained this as a positive feature, which allows testing servers on security and under pressure. Only a few years ago, legal institutions achieved their target and closed this function on the website.

How to deal with it?

Even though the owner of Hackforums had some contact with the FBI and gave them some portion of the information that led to numerous arrests in several countries, the website is still active and continuous sharing “useful” information. In such circumstance, those who develop digital security has to be aware of shared data on the considered website in order to prevent information leakages or to improve protection systems before swindlers will use it as they want.

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