Avast Silent Mode: Additional Feature of Famous Antivirus

Avast Silent Mode: Additional Feature of Famous Antivirus

The latest versions of Avast antivirus programs have a new passive mode of operation since August 16, 2016. This allows you to install Avast applications in conjunction with other third-party antivirus programs. When the passive mode is enabled, Avast antivirus will disable real-time protection. You can only run an on-demand scan.

Despite this, the antivirus will update the virus databases and the scanning module, as well as perform scheduled tasks. Essentially, it enters the antivirus scanner state. You can activate and deactivate passive mode in the application settings in the Troubleshooting section.

Passive mode turns on automatically during the installation of Avast antivirus if another antivirus is already installed.

Why the developers have made this feature difficult to understand. Installing two antivirus programs together is generally not recommended. For example, when installing Kaspersky anti-virus applications, if another anti-virus application is detected on the computer, the installation will be terminated. Perhaps this step will allow more users to try out Avast antiviruses without removing the main antivirus.

With the help of passive mode it’s possible to run Avast antivirus with another antivirus, that was installed on the system. This improves the performance of such a PC and solves some compatibility issues when installing two antiviruses at the same time.

When you install Avast on a system with another installed antivirus, this mode is enabled automatically. Or you can enable it manually in Settings> Troubleshooting.

The passive mode in Avast antivirus

Real-time protection is disabled in passive mode, but signatures and program modules are updated, which means the solution can be used for antivirus scans, made on-demand. All other functions work as usual.

Another improvement, such as SafeZone Browser, Security Browser Extension, and SafePrice Browser Extension have been added to the “Settings>Components” menu for easy management of these functions.

Key features of Avast

Here are just the most basic functions of Avast antivirus that will be useful to the user in his daily work:

  • Real-time virus scanner. Monitors both suspicious application activity and web traffic, as well as incoming mail. To do this, you need to link your mailbox to Avast and configure, if necessary, spam filtering. However, the mailbox is checked even without special user settings for suspicious links and attachments;
  • Automatic blocking of suspicious sites containing links to malicious software and phishing resources. The list of such sites is constantly expanding;
  • Both analyses based on regularly updated signatures and heuristic analysis are supported. You can customize the depth of the heuristic analysis as desired;
  • There is an emulation of the program code;
  • During idle time or displaying a screen saver, a check of all components of the computer system is activated;
  • The removal of spyware is supported;
  • During startup, Avast accesses the hard drive directly to check the hard drive itself, bypassing Windows. At the moment, this is almost the only antivirus that does this;
  • Cloud technologies are supported;
  • Updates are made in small packages up to 400 times a day. This way, updates can be carried out even with a very weak Internet connection.

There is an Updater component that automatically checks updates for third-party programs downloaded from the Internet. Also, the utility allows you to independently search for customized updates and install them without the participation of the programs themselves.

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