Full Space Station Silicon Valley Review and Key Features

Full Space Station Silicon Valley Review and Key Features

A space station flooded with robots disappears and then reappears several hundred years later in outer space. Moreover, these robots are not just robots, but also part-time cattle, rodents, dogs, and birds. The creators had a particular weakness for the sheep, and that’s why they have flooded the game with a myriad of them. So, the president of that world, stroking his chic mustache (or the once-disguised president who forgot to shave off his mustache), to find out the details of the disappearance of the station, first hires a team of marines, which, of course, does not return, and then with the words “Fear people, be afraid” invites the semi-wacky adventurer with his robot friend.

The main features of the game

There is a host of weapons unique to each “body” that he controls (kangaroos, penguins, electric scorpions, giant piranhas, mice with deadly tails, dogs, and sheep). Moreover, each animal will also be able to perform specific “peaceful” functions: for example, you should use the dog’s body to feed the sheep so dearly loved by the developers. To avoid analyzing some of the aforementioned details of the plot according to the method of the famous psychoanalyst Freud, whose name today the grandmothers who sell cucumbers and tomatoes near the metro call their goods, it is worth moving on to the description of other elements of the game. The graphics in the game are generally good, but slightly inconsistent with the audience the game is aimed at. The cartoon doll style, respected by the younger category of PlayStation players, is somewhat different from the jokes and gags aimed at older people. But this is all nonsense, as this makes the game even more fun than it could be without these “flaws”.

How to make the game more variable

The game can be somewhat diversified by choosing one of four climatic zones (European, Arctic, desert, and tropical), each of which will correspond to its own set of animals, of which there are 45 varieties in the game. But the blood, intestines, and other elements of the human anatomy of torn apart scientists in such a “cartoon” game look quite interesting and will surely please the players who are tired of the tasteless naturalistic images of other games; here the designers, of course, added a twist … If you forget that it is quite difficult to control the hero (navigation through the Arctic waters seems to be especially difficult), that aiming at it is rather tedious, then in general it can be said that the game from the developers turns out not only original but also pleasant.

Download a game Space Station Silicon Valley

After downloading and unzipping (using a 7-Zip or WinRAR archiver) Space Station Silicon Valley, you will notice that it does not start on your computer. A special Project64 emulator program will help you fix the situation, which will adapt the game to your computer and launch it. Project64 is a program that helps you launch and configure not only the Silicon Valley Space Station but almost all other games for the Nintendo 64.

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