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K9 Web Protection: Protect Your Child While Using the Internet

One of the most difficult challenges in human life is the appropriate protection of their posterity. Even those who have enough time and money cannot provide the best care to kids as young people are always focused on the development and observing something new. In the digital era, this problem only facilitated as internet-connected devices open another world to the child. Moreover, online opportunities usually present a brighter image of the environment, while the fast switch between topics makes this way of recognizing all-around more preferable.

However, this digital acceleration not only opens wider opportunities to children but also creates enormous difficulties in terms of potential danger. As kids are often not prepared for the massive number of obstacles, parental role in the upbringing is vital and should also meet digital education. Nevertheless, the biggest paradox comes from the fact that children are always better in dealing with new technologies, and their influence on the online world is insufficient.

How to deal with potential digital problems?

Unfortunately, among the most widespread variants is to let it all go by itself. Parents may think that visiting the internet is the modern requirement for the upbringing process as restrictions can only harm. It is partially true if home tutors provide enough explanations of what is right and wrong, so the child understands the limits of the admissible. However, there is an easier way to provide essential protection without additional problems – use content-control software.

Among the most famous representatives in this sphere is K9 Web Protection software, which was developed by Blue Coast Systems. This product received its popularity due to several reasons:

  • Reliability. Many programmers were trying to overcome the security level of this software, but all failed. K9 Web Protection is developed with a simple philosophy – if there is any try to outwit the program, it will totally turn-off the internet. It doesn’t matter: both attacks from the internet or the desire of a child to uninstall the program caused internet disabling.
  • Simplicity. A rather simple menu with understandable settings allows adjusting the software for appropriate needs. This item brought vast usage of this software as parents and business people used it. Here is the philosophy of the approach that can also be mentioned – suspicious activity causes full blocking of online usage.
  • Versatility. Even though K9 Web software is often recognized as the tip for parents who want protection for children, it was even more used by many companies to apply restrictions for workers. Thus, the simple blocking of social media or popular games websites reduced wasted time and increased productivity. There were also business owners who created a whitelist of available sources while others were restricted.
  • Free. Probably, the most vital aspect of why K9 Web Protection became so popular and widely used. What is more, the company provided regular updates and organized stable communication with clients and used feedbacks for further improvements. However, this option was available only for home usage as companies had to pay for this software.

End of the K9 Web Protection era?

However, some of the highlighted benefits of the program are in the past. In 2016 the developing company was bought by Symantec, which stopped selling and support of K9 Web Protection in 2019. Of course, Symantec presented to clients Norton Antivirus as a more powerful and preferable alternative for the considered software, but it is more expensive, especially for private usage. Nevertheless, people can continue using K9 and install it, but if some technical issues arise or new hacking methods appear, the problems will be up to the users.

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