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Malwarebytes Premium Key – Protect Your Computer

What is malware, and why I should avoid it?

Even though the most often used word that highlights the danger in the digital sphere is “virus,” malware has even a wider context. Thus, it is a contraction to “malicious software,” which includes viruses, worms, ransomware, adware, and others. It means that using antiviruses can be an insufficient level of protection as much harmful software can spread through other channels. In this case, the spreading of anti-malware programs is not accidental as hackers try to use all the possible ways to get needed data or access. We will talk about the most famous representative in this sector – Malwarebytes.

Short overview

The interface of Malwarebytes looks rather good as almost everything is arranged so that any user, even an inexperienced one, can comfortably exploit the program. The program presents few types of available scans, which allow searching for malicious programs in their typical places on the system, any selected local disks, or check running applications and autostart. A scheduler is another advantage for Premium version users with real-time protection. It allows updating at the most convenient time, even without loading the program.

The program used a small amount of the processor resource (which was reduced in the latest update) and about 50 MB of RAM. These results are completely satisfactory in current times as minimum system requirements are growing while the company is moving towards the decrease of needed power.

As for the detection level, the result of the Malwarebytes Premium version, it increases the depth of default scanning. Moreover, there were detected threats that were ignored by many antivirus programs. It should also be noted that not a single virus was detected inside the archive, but after unzipping, it was noticed. Furthermore, tests showed that Malwarebytes detected harmless files or were no false positives, but if this happens, one can restore the file from quarantine. Adding such a file to the blacklist will skip it during future scanning. Additional settings allow you to choose the action taken by Malwarebytes Premium concerning potentially unwanted programs, P2P clients, and potentially unwanted modifications.


Among the most exciting items in every software review is the cost of the product. The company suggests two types of packages for individual users. The first one is free but has limited opportunities, among which are Windows-only compatibility and ability only to check and remove a harmful element. Malwarebytes Premium version widens possibilities to the full compatibility and real-time protection. It is vital to define a dangerous object before it spread via the system and showed presence through slowing down of system work or access issues.

Apparently, the paid version of this malware blocker is much better as it protects the system at the moment of penetration and prevents possible harmful outcomes. Several websites on the internet suggest Malwarebytes Premium Key freely, but all the available codes are usually insufficient. To be fair, one should clearly understand the price of security and be ready to buy the product. All in all, about $40 per year is not a budget-defining sum, especially if you can get another spy software while searching for free keys for the premium version of Malwarebytes. However, everyone is free to make personal decisions.

Instead of Summary

Malwarebytes advantages:

  • scanning speed
  • low consumption of system resources
  • high detection level of threats (not all antiviruses can provide a similar security level)
  • variety of useful tips (blacklists, adjusted filtering options)
  • delay for updates and scanning

In the case of internet security, one should always choose a valuable product. Malwarebytes Premium version is one of the most reliable programming products and should be regarded as a default option for safe using of devices on the internet.

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